Discover active markets to trade.

Unique Features

Features that set us apart from the others

Just 0.5% fees on settlement,
Zero on cancellations!

Pay only a 0.5% fee on settled orders at Enjoy zero fees for closing or canceling orders

Do not miss on yield and Points,
Use LRT and PT as Collaterals,

Utilize rsETH, eETH, Pendle PTs, and stETH as collateral. Secure yields and collect points while your assets are safely locked.

Set alerts, don't miss moves
Telegram for updates

Receive alerts for new markets, settlements, order status, and more by linking your Telegram. Customize notifications to suit your preferences

Do More with smart features

Smart features designed to elevate your game.

Save time

Batch Settle and Cancel

Batch Settle, cancel, seize, and buy. Discover a streamlined way to manage all your trade in one convenient place.

Avoid hassle!

Set Minimum Fill amount

Avoid small trade losses: Set a min fill amount to ensure gas fees don’t outstrip trade value.

Order Flexibility

Limit, Market or Select Order

Options for limit, market, and selecting orders directly from the Orderbook to tailor your trading approach

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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